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Our Story

TL;DR Same high school; dated first time in summer 2016; went separate ways in college; reconnected in 2021; got engaged on Christmas 2022.


Rebecca Black Edson was born in West Palm Beach, FL. Her family moved to Charleston in 2006. She auditioned for School of the Arts as a vocal major in tenth grade (October 2013) and began attendance the next day...

Joseph Jay Roddey was born in Charleston, SC. He began attendance at School of the Arts in sixth grade for middle school as a band major...

How It Began

Rebecca and Joe met briefly during their shared attendance at Charleston County School of the Arts (SOA) for high school. After graduating in 2015, Joe left Charleston and began his freshman year at the University of Northern Texas. When he returned to Charleston for the summer of 2016, and shortly after Rebecca graduated from high school herself, the pair connected naturally. They spent their first dates that summer walking along the Charleston Battery in the afternoons and sneaking into cocktail bars at night.

The couple's first photograph together

Separate Journeys

Unfortunately when the summer came to an end, so did their romance. The two went their separate ways: Rebecca to Clemson for her freshman year and Joe to Ohio for his sophomore year at Cleveland State University. Although they stayed in touch, their college lives never aligned to rekindle the flame that glowed softly and patiently for nearly five years...

Together at Last

Rebecca and Joe were each living alone in Charleston in April of 2021, early into their respective careers in software engineering and accounting. The two realized an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle their relationship, and Joe planned a date at Avondale Wine & Cheese. The chemistry was once again undeniable. The pair were not only able to pick up their relationship where they left off, but they began to build a strong, loving foundation for their lives together.

A Life Together

Joe and Rebecca are currently enjoying their home in Charleston, SC, located one block from Colonial Lake. They have two sweet dogs, Winnie and Rosie, who quickly became best friends/sisters and love walks around the lake and horse-play in the backyard. The couple never tires of coming up with new nicknames and song lyrics to commemorate their adoration for these dogs.


After nearly seven years since becoming a special part of each others' lives, including nearly two years of romantic dates, traveling to either new or nostalgic locations, dancing in the kitchen, and planning for the future, Joe proposed to Rebecca in front of both of their families on Christmas 2022.

Coming Soon: Happily Ever After...

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